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Owner of Code Enforcement Experts

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Dedicated, Experienced, Passionate, Leader and Trainer.

Pete Roque is currently the Code Enforcement Administrator for the City of Garden Grove, CA and the owner of Code Enforcement Experts. Pete has dedicated a lot of time to creating a free platform for Code Enforcement Officers to utilize.

Pete has served on local, regional, state, and national boards to promote Code Enforcement and is one of the most Code Enforcement Influencers in the United States. His ability to market Code Enforcement has made Code Enforcement Experts one the biggest Facebook page for Code Enforcement Professionals on that platform.  

Pete also is an adjunct professor at Santiago Canyon College and has taught courses for law enforcement professionals and organizations such as the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigations, International Code Council, California League of Cities, California Healthy Housing Coalition, California Association of Code Enforcement Officers, and the American Association of Code Enforcement Officers.

Pete has also had the opportunity to teach at ICC local and regional chapters and has taught at Educode multiple years.

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