The Standards and Codes Academy


This sample list of the courses and training sessions are currently available to professional organizations, local governments and individual chapters and groups. Each course is listed by name but offered by different individual instructors. All classes are ICC accredited and are taught in 3, 4 and 6 hour blocks. Individual course descriptions are available by
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Many more titles to choose from

Class Titles

Solving the Puzzle of Hoarding

Protecting Complainant       Confidentiality


Courtroom Procedures for Code Officers and Inspectors

Verbal Judo-Effective Communications

Code Enforcement Mental Health Strategies


Case Documentation and Procedures

Rental Housing Inspections 101 with Virtual Walk-Thru

Creating Great Code Enforcement Officers


Situational Awareness


Social and Economic Responsibility of Code


Vacancy, Blight and Local Governments


Evaluations, Disciplinary Actions, and Managing Difficult Employees

Rental Inspection Programs

Officer Safety and the Guardian Mindset


Vacant Buildings and Registrations Programs


Code Compliance and Sign Enforcement

Developing a Winning Attitude

Why Measures Matter


Legal Aspects of Code Administration


Zoning 101


Code Leadership Advancement


Cultural Diversity


Bridging the Communication Gap in Code Enforcement

Procedures for Officers and Inspectors

Code Enforcement and Landlord Tenant Relations



Legal, Ethical and Moral Code Enforcement

2018 IPMC Crash Course


Transitioning From Law Enforcement to Code Enforcement


Customer Service Principles for Front-Line Municipal Staff


Short-Term Rental Best Practices

Millennials in Code Enforcement


Dealing with Difficult People


Animal Care & Control and Code Enforcement Team Tactics

Management’s Role in Code Enforcement

Effective Local Government Management  

The True Value of Code Enforcement


Making Yourself Essential

Planning, Zoning and Land Development for Code Officials

Code Volunteer Programs


SOP’s, KPI’s and Performance Metrics


Back to Basics Code Enforcement Strategic Planning


How To Excel As a Team Leader, Officer or a Manager

Developing a Dynamic Training Presence

Case Development


Reclaiming your Relevancy

Constructing an Exceptional Inspector


The Credible Code Officer